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Download the International Code Council’s Primer on Off-Site Construction, Codes, Standards and Compliance


Understand the Codes, Standards and Compliance Processes Associated with Off-Site Construction

The building industry faces many challenges from labor shortages to materials shortages, all while answering increased demand for affordable housing and high-performance commercial and residential buildings. As a result, designers, developers and builders have turned to off-site construction. However, the growth of the off-site construction market can be hindered by questions about compliance with building codes and regulations that can vary from state to state. 

We’re here to help. 

The International Code Council’s Primer on Off-Site Construction is for code officials, designers, developers, manufacturers, policymakers, and others who want to understand the different types of off-site construction and the associated codes, standards, and compliance processes. 

Download this guide to learn:

  • How open and closed panelized systems, pods and volumetric modules are evaluated 
  • HUD requirements and how they pertain to manufactured homes 
  • The wide variety of codes and standards that can be applied to tiny houses 
  • The usage of shipping containers as building materials 
  • Pathways for evaluation of innovative products to demonstrate code compliance 

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