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Our team of building code authors and experts can help review your building plans. From jurisdictions, to architects and builders, we verify that all plans are compliant with building codes and standards.

Why ICC Plan Review Services

Delegate Plan Reviews

Don't let a backlog of plan review requests keep you from issuing building permits for important projects. Use our team to supplement yours. As the developer of the most widely adopted codes and standards, we can verify compliance for your jurisdiction's commercial and residential building plans.

Get Advice From Code Experts

With our in-depth knowledge and understanding of codes and standards, we can provide guidance and conduct reviews for commercial and residential projects.

Stay on Schedule

Our Plan Review team knows time is critical for the success of your project. We work quickly to understand your project and review your plans for commercial and residential buildings to identify any areas of concerns or technical issues that do not meet code compliance before submitting them for building permits.

Comprehensive Plan Review Services

From high-rise buildings, retail facilities, residential developments, schools, hospitals, or civic institutions, you can trust the International Code Council to conduct thorough reviews during any point of the building plans process. Document Requirements

Preliminary Plan Review Services

Our Preliminary Plan Review Services are designed to offer critical information to further your plan development. We review initial design code compliance, including use and occupancy classification, type of construction, height and area calculations, means of egress, fire-resistance construction requirements, and foundation design.

Complete Plan Review Services

Our experts perform comprehensive inspections of design drawings and specifications to the disciplines requested, including: A detailed checklist of code compliance and violationsFollow-up consultations throughout the constructionA complimentary re-review of reissued plans

Limited-Scope Plan Review & Technical Consulting Services

With decades of experience, we provide technical advice and create actionable solutions regarding any of your International Codes questions, from specific code evaluations to special studies of particular building components, characteristics, or applications.


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Our staff includes expert plan reviewers with certifications in all disciplines, as well as, professional engineers, who are registered in all 50 states, Guam, the District of Columbia, and parts of Canada.

  • Accessibility
  • Building (Structural/Nonstructural)
  • Commercial
  • Electrical
  • Energy & Conservation
  • Fire Safety & Protection Systems (Includes Sprinklers)
  • Life Safety
  • Mechanical
  • Plumbing
  • Residential
  • Structural

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Track and Review From Anywhere

Check the status of your project at any time. With 24/7 access, ICC Plan Review Services are designed to fit your schedule whenever and wherever you are.

Digital Reports

Quickly and easily submit your transmittal requests electronically. Download your completed digital reports and worksheets through our online plan review portal.

Upload and Tag

Organize relevant building plan files, downloads, status updates and more on the Code Council Plan Review portal.

Automated Notifications

Receive automated email notifications and follow-ups that keep you updated on the progress of your plan review.


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