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Join the Code Council’s PMG Technical Resources Team for an Opportunity to Elevate Your Industry Knowledge

Join the ICC Learn Live, Why is Pipe Sizing Important, on Monday, March 4, 2024, from 12:30 to 2:30 PM ET.

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New Mexico Takes Significant Step Toward Ensuring the Safety, Efficiency and Resiliency of its Communities

With the adoption of the 2021 IECC, New Mexico joins communities across nearly 20 states covering more than a third of the U.S. population in providing its residents with state-of-the-art building design and performance.

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Remembering Chip Dence, a Gifted Craftsman, Builder, Leader and Statesman

Chip's career in the building safety industry was marked by a deep passion for every endeavor he undertook.

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This membership category receives the complimentary complete collection of 2021 digital codes.
A Governmental Member may designate 4-12 voting representatives (based on population) who are employees or officials of that governmental member and are actively engaged full or part-time in the administration, formulation, implementation or enforcement of laws, ordinances, rules regulations relating to public health, safety and welfare. Number of voting representatives based on population. See Governmental Member Application for details.

Governmental Members have voting rights. Read the ICC By-Laws, Articles II and III to learn more, including the allowed number of Governmental Member Voter Representatives (GMVRs.)

New or revised applications for Governmental Memberships must be submitted 30 days prior to a voting event (committee action hearings, public comment hearings, or Annual Business Meeting) in order to be eligible to vote at that event.

Be sure you know upcoming Governmental Member voting deadlines. Learn more.

Additional Member Benefits

A Corporate Member will have access to the Code Council’s technical experts who can clarify I‑Code text and provide a written code opinion to help you move forward quickly and with confidence. Members in this category receive a Digital Codes Premium subscription to the 2021 I-Code Collection.

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New members receive the complimentary complete collection of 2021 digital codes.



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Note: A Participating Member does not receive access to ICC code opinions nor a complimentary digital International Code.



Any individual enrolled in classes or a course of study equivalent to at least 3 credit hours of classroom instruction per week.
This membership category receives one complimentary 2021 code of their choice.

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